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Salt Pipe

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Many countries have been using salt pipe therapy for many decades. Many centuries ago Dr. Felix Bochkowsky noticed that while coal miners battled ongoing  respiratory ailments, workers in salt mines were hardly ill. In fact, they were healthier than most people in the community. Little did the miners know  by going about  there daily routine that they were inhaling the salt particles that were floating in the air, this  made a big difference to their health.  He also wrote about the benefits and effects of salt dust in 1843, and his successor, Mstislav Poljakowski, went on to establish the first salt "inhalatorium" near Krakow, Poland. By the 1950s, scientific studies (conducted primarily in the USSR) were proving the effectiveness of salt therapy for treating a wide range of ailments.

Salt therapy been known to have helped with the following ailments:

  • Asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Chest infection
  • Sore throats, mouth infections
  • and many other internal ailments

How does the Salt pipe work?

The tiny salt particles in the salt pipe are breathed into the air ways. Immediately getting to work on cleansing the lungs by helping to dissolve phlegm and kill any infectious micro-organisms present.Therefore the salty microclimate also kick starts  the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms to further aid in the removal of foreign bodies to relieve infection and soothe irritation.

About Salt Pipes

Salt pipes are made from the highest quality porcelain .
Refillable with Himalayan Salt Granules via the removable plug.
Just inhale through the pipe  for 15/20 minutes every day.
Finally keep your salt pipe in an air tight bag when not in use to keep granules dry.