Relaxation Blend Essential Oil
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Relaxation Blend Essential Oil

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Relaxation Blend Essential Oil imparts a feeling of calm that allows one to let go of the stress and irritation of life. Certainly the perfect blend to have in your home when you are wanting to relax and chill out. Imagine your home filled with these beautiful aroma's on your day off or weekends. The perfect way to relax.

This blend is ideal for all forms of aromatherapy from vaporizers to a massage oil or lotion. You are also able to place Relaxation Blend Essential Oil directly onto the skin.  If you have sensitive skin please place the essential oil on your clothing.

As a result of these beautifully blended oils of Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium, you have the prefect recipe of relaxation.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the perfect addition to creating optimum health. Most importantly we use essential oils in some shape or form everyday for our wellbeing. They also make the home and office smell amazing.

All the essential oils we sell are of the highest quality, 100% pure oils.