Pink Salt Crystal

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals - Course or fine 500g

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Natural pink salt crystals for cooking, bathing, daily supplement and massage.

One of the most natural way to get your elements and minerals back into your body. Himalayan Salt (aka pink salt) is an ancient and unique product of nature that was formed over 250 million years ago and is found in the Himalayan mountain region. Also there is no other food product or supplement which contains this quality or quantity of minerals and trace elements. For cooking Pink Salt is available in fine, granules and chunks.

Salt for Cooking

Edible & Cooking Salts

Himalayan rock salt is making its way into our foods because of the tried and tested health benefits it provides:

  • Natural mineral intake - provides the nutrients your body needs
  • Healthy alternative to commercial salt
  • Stimulates circulation & lowers blood pressure
  • Helps cleanse your digestive system
  • Immunity booster & helps with detoxification
  • Aids in arthritis, joint & gout relief
  • Treats external skin conditions
  • Magnesium content can help with preventing body cramping.


All this by just adding salt to your daily diet!