Medieval Alchemy Essential Oil Blend
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Medieval Alchemy Essential Oil Blend

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Medieval Alchemy Essential Oil Blend, is a blend that will help kill all cold and flu germs. Because of the oil combination it will stop any cold, flu & vomiting spreading in it's tracks.

If you have heard of "Thieves Oil" well this is exactly the same just different name. Most importantly Thieves Oil helped stop the spread of the plague in the early 1800's.

You can pop the medieval alchemy on a tissue and wipe down all surfaces or use it in a diffuser. If you are out  in public also place the oil on your scarf or shirt. 

Pure essential oils in the blend are Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Juniper & Rosemary.

Available in 10mls or 20mls

Essential oils

Essential oils are the perfect addition to creating optimum health. Most importantly we use essential oils in some shape or form  everyday for our wellbeing. They also make the home and office smell amazing.

All the essential oils we sell are of the highest quality, 100% pure oils.