Multi-Light Electric Vaporizer
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Vaporizer - Multi Light Electric

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Multi-Light Electric Vaporizer has combined the latest technology of LED lighting with the aromatic world of aromatherapy. Creating the most synergistic combination, both visually and aromatically tantalizing to the senses.

This safe, clean and highly economical porcelain appliance provides a low cost. Therefore a eco friendly way to enjoy your favorite aromatic scents while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of its soft gently lights.

Ideal for use throughout the home, especially as a soft gently light in the children's room. The Multi-Light Electric Vaporizer is also ideal in the office. As well as health care or clinical facility to create an enhancing aromatic atmosphere.

To capture the true ambiance of the Multi-Light Electric Vaporizer place it near a reflective surface and enjoy the vibrancy of the Rainbow lights. Likewise of the gently subtleness of the Natural White Iights. An added feature of the rainbow vaporizer is the unique changing colours. Due to  the translucent porcelain case, as the LED light rotate through their colour cycle.

Furthermore placing essential oils or wax blocks in the top of the burner to create the perfect aroma in you home or office.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the perfect addition to creating optimum health. Most importantly we use essential oils in some shape or form everyday for our wellbeing. They also make the home and office smell amazing.

All the essential oils we sell are of the highest quality, 100% pure oils.

Size: 13h x 11w cm       Weight: 0.880 gms