Lavender Pure Essential Oil
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Lavender Pure Essential Oil

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Lavender pure essential oil is one that should be readily available in the home for cuts, scraps, bites and blisters. Therefore a must for the first aid  and travel kit.

Practical Uses : Calming and strengthening to the nerves, relaxes the muscles, lessens tension, promotes a restful sleep.

Vapors open the sinus and breathing passages as well as uplifting moods and  balancing mood swings.

Lavender pure essential oil is perfect for disinfectant and most importantly will help stop the spread of germs. Besides being great for disinfectant it is brilliant in repelling insects, kills parasites and lice. I take lavender with me whenever we travel and stay in motel rooms. I sprinkle some on the sheets and lounge chairs to kill and bugs and germs that are present. Therefore it is the perfect travel buddy.

Lavender is healing to the skin for bruises, bits, wounds, burns. sunburns, scars, sores, insect bites and nearly every injuries.

Essential oils

Essential oils are the perfect addition to creating optimum health. Most importantly we use essential oils in some shape or form  everyday for our wellbeing. They also make the home and office smell amazing.

All the essential oils we sell are of the highest quality, 100% pure oils.