Clary Sage Essential Oil
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Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Clary Sage Essential Oil is great for nervous tension, racing mind and panicky states. Therefore it encourages feelings of well-being and the capacity to see life in perspective. Excellent pick me up for the nerves.

Clary Sage is helpful in balancing hormones and easing premenstrual tension and painful cramps. Pop some clary sage with coconut oil and rub on the belly to ease those painful cramps.

Can also help headaches and migraine by calming underlying tension. Most importantly place clary sage essential oil on your temple and neck to release this tension.

Because of it's soothing action it will also helps ease the anxiety often associated with muscle spasm and cramp. If you have terrible muscle cramps, place some clary sage essential oil in a carrier oil and massage affected areas to stop crapping.

A perfect overall tonic for a balancing action on the body and health. This would be a great oil to have in your diffuser at night for young children. As it will help calm them before bed time.

PRECAUTIONS : A very sedative oil and can make concentration difficult - best not to use before driving.

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